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Wall Street Journal Addresses Distracted Driving

Distracted by their smartphones, America’s drivers are becoming more dangerous by the day. That is pushing auto-insurance rates higher as insurers struggle to keep up.

Costs associated with crashes are outpacing premium increases for some companies, according to insurers, and they say the use of smartphones to talk, text and access the internet while on the road is a new and important factor behind the wrecks. Insurance companies are (raising premiums) because their losses are going up. And distracted driving is a big part of that. You can’t go on the road without seeing someone – it doesn’t matter the age – texting, talking on on the phone or reading emails.

It is “an epidemic issue for this country,” said Michael LaRocco, chief executive of State Auto Financial Corp., at an insurance-industry conference last month.

The full story “Smartphone Addicts Behind the Wheel Drive Car Insurance Rates Higher” was published on February 21, 2017. Click here to read the full story.

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