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The Gut-Wrenching Truth about Distracted Driving

Would you let a friend get behind the wheel after they’ve had four beers? Hopefully not. But if they’re using their phone while they drive, they’re just as impaired and have the exact same chance of crashing.

Our new infographic below, The Gut-Wrenching Truth about Distracted Driving, drills down into the dangers of driving while distracted and shows us the disturbing truth of our behavior.

For example, one in four accidents in the U.S. is due to texting while driving and 64% of all accidents in the U.S. involve a mobile phone. It’s no wonder – to read the average text while driving 55 MPH is like driving the length of a football field blindfolded. And the results are devastating: Distracted Driving is responsible for over 3,400 deaths in 2015. That’s over 9 people every day.

And yet… Despite being bombarded by statistics like these time and again, 55% of us would text while driving if it were legal. So, check out our infographic and share it with a friend. Because friends don’t let friends drive distracted.

And if you want to know how often you’re distracted when you drive, try our new app Mojo on iOS and Android. It measures your level of distraction and gives you points for every undistracted mile you drive that you can use to win prizes like Amazon gift cards. And, it could help you, your family, and friends from becoming yet another statistic. 75% of TrueMotion app users dramatically reduce their distraction in just 12 weeks.

What’s the most gut-wrenching stat for you? Hit us up on Twitter and let us know.

The gut-wrenching truth about distracted driving

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