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Progressive is the number three insurer in the United States. It has a 90.9 combined ratio and is growing faster than Apple. Progressive has one of the largest telematics portfolios in the world. It uses TrueMotion’s technology across the U.S. to help drivers become safer and offer drivers the right price.

The challenge: Use the smartphone to measure driving behavior

Progressive launched their first usage-based insurance program in 2004 with OBD II hardware. This OBD II program was successful, but smartphones provided the opportunity to reach more drivers at lower cost. And smartphones could do something OBD II devices couldn’t: track distracted driving. Progressive wanted to find a smartphone solution that was as accurate as a hardware-based solution.

Evaluation: Find the best partner

Progressive invited 11 companies to their RFP and evaluation for a smartphone-based UBI solution. After extensive field tests comparing smartphone solutions to the OBD II technology, TrueMotion proved that it provided the most accurate driving behavior data. As a result, Progressive selected TrueMotion as its partner. Over the years, the two companies have worked together to bring Snapshot Mobile to market and innovate beyond UBI.

Snapshot Mobile: How the program works

Drivers simply download the Snapshot Mobile app. The program measures driver behavior using hard brakes, mileage, night driving, and distraction. Safe drivers can save up to 30% on their premium. Snapshot Mobile also provides tips and nudges to help drivers improve their driving.

In 2017, Progressive reported that 38% of direct buyers were enrolling in Snapshot. More than half of eligible customers choose the Snapshot app.

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