Create more loyal customers

Auto insurance is a low-touch model. But carriers who engage customers have higher brand loyalty. And that’s critical for retaining customers.

Engaged customers are more loyal customers

Research from Bain shows that offering your customers more services leads to more interactions. More interactions lead to a higher NPS. And a higher NPS leads to higher retention rates.

Features that engage

Crash Detection

When a customer has been in a serious crash, a quick response can be the difference between life and death. When seconds matter, TrueMotion gives you the power to get them the help they need, faster.


People like rewards. And rewards are proven to engage customers and help them become safer drivers.


People like to make progress. Levels, badges, streaks, and trends help them improve and achieve.


Every driver thinks they’re better than average. Our leaderboards lets them discover how good they really are and inspire them to be a safer driver.


Give parents peace of mind by helping their teens become better drivers. Parents can monitor teens’ driving behaviors and locations.

Backed by behavioral science

We’ve partnered with world-renowned experts like behavioral scientists at University of Pennsylvania and University of Chicago to build our solutions. We use proven interventions that leverage our innate motivational drives.









We’ve teamed up with UPenn and Progressive to study driver behavior change

The large-scale research study will provide exciting new data on techniques that work to get people to drive safer.

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