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Attending Connected Car Insurance USA? Come say hello.

We’re presenting a keynote session and a panel at Connected Car Insurance USA. We’ll also have a booth with a prize.

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Keynote presentation: The Connected Car Is Here. It Just Isn’t a Car

The connected car could provide driving and vehicle data that can fuel insurance programs such as UBI, connected claims, and more. Yet, auto insurers won’t see this data in any meaningful volume for a long time because of the diversity of OEM standards, length of fleet turnover, and OEM control of data. However, insurers can get high quality driving data today without waiting for the connected car!

In this session you’ll discover:

  • The power of connected car driving data and how you can use it today
  • How top insurers are using smartphone data to power their digital programs
  • The next-generation digital programs you can run today with smartphone data
  • The hidden costs of not measuring distracted driving
  • New strategies for engaging and retaining customers

September 6 – 9:50 – 10:15

Panel: Insuring the World of Mobility

New mobility models will have a profound effect on vehicle ownership. But it will change the customer relationship between the automaker and the insurer as they move to a service-based model. This panel will:

  • Address the change in the automaker business model to service provision of mobility and its impact on the OEM insurers relationship within a connected services and mobility ecosystem
  • Study the new models of transportation (e-hailing, car sharing fleets, P2P car rental) and the flexibility of insurance coverage needed to stay relevant
  • Factor in how mobility models are increasing individual vehicle usage to assess the impact on underwriting. Consider distance covered, hours driven and the frequency of repairs required

September 5 – 3:15pm – 3:45pm