Be there. When your customers need it most.

What if you could be at the scene of the crash? Take care of your customers when they need it most? And streamline your claims processes? With smartphone driving data, you can.

Hello, driving data.
Goodbye, manual claims process.

Even after significant investments by insurers, claims data collection is still a manual process. It’s time-consuming. It’s inaccurate. It’s expensive.

Our smartphone driving data changes this. We use smartphone sensor signals to detect crashes. We provide crash data that’s accurate, fast, and cost-efficient.

Reduce adjustment expenses.
Improve loss outcomes.

TrueClaims helps 
you reduce the time and resources it takes to process claims. Prefill your existing FNOL form, telematics data, and context data. Reduce fraud. Improve coverage and investigation quality. And, deploy emergency services and in-network tow trucks.

Simple. Complex. We support all claims.

From simple fender benders to complex high-speed crashes, TrueClaims improves the process from impact to payment.

A better customer experience.

Take the claims customer experience to the next level by powering your mobile apps and bots with smartphone driving data. Your customers spend less time on the phone with you and get back to their life sooner.

Our claims solutions


Our platform knows when there’s a crash. So your customers can get emergency services, notify their loved ones, and have their claim resolved faster.

Digital FNOL

Our platform has the trip data, so your customers can start a claim with a single tap. You get a prefilled crash or FNOL report.

Data for claims

We know you’ve invested heavily in your 
claims system. This is why we built TrueClaims 
to work with it seamlessly. Our platform captures crash-scene data and pipes it into your claims engine. So when an accident happens, your team has the data they need.

Delight your customers.

Keep your customers.

A J.D. Power study found that over 80% of customers happy with their claim say they will definitely renew and recommend their insurer.

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