Why people love working here

BTW w/ Dr. Nick Arcolano: Data and Behavioral Scientist

Nicholas Arcolano does some cool stuff here at TrueMotion. A Senior Data Scientist, he is in the thick of all things data analysis and product development. Example one: he leads a TrueMotion data science pod that is diving into what drivers are doing behind the wheel in the immediate lead-up to an accident–and how those […]

BTW W/ Joe Adelmann: From US Air Force to Startup Founder

Fun fact: TrueMotion is not Joe’s first business venture. No, Joe’s entrepreneurial resume goes way back—to selling candy on the school bus. It was a very successful venture, as he recalls, but had a very instructive and impactful ending: his mom eventually caught him and forced him to donate the proceeds to charity. Impactful is […]

BTW: With James Walsh, Solutions Consultant

A Maryland native, James spent a good part of his career with a Massachusetts-based publishing company, Jones and Bartlett, which primarily publishes college textbooks. Notably, however, they also developed the standard textbooks for EMT’s, firefighters, and police. The value of that work hit home for James a few years after he left the company when […]

BTW w/ Eddie Vaisman: TrueMotion’s Employee #1

Three years ago, Eddie Vaisman was working as a data engineer, creating predictive models for satellite surveillance imagery and natural disaster forecasting at a large defense contractor. It was certainly interesting work, but he knew it wasn’t the environment for him. He was very intrigued by the start-up world and had looked around a little […]

BTW w/ Brad Cordova: From Data Science to Road Trips

HOW IT ALL CAME ABOUT Our first employee feature is, appropriately, Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder Brad Cordova. Several years ago, Brad was finishing up his PhD at MIT when he made the fateful choice to take a class on entrepreneurism. Coincidentally, Joe Adelmann over at the Harvard Kennedy School made that same decision. Brad […]