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We’re here to make a difference

At our HQ here in Boston, the meeting rooms are named after Tony Stark, Bruce Wayne, and Clark Kent. Superheroes are kind of our thing, and it’s not just because we’re comic fans. So, what’s up?

We believe we can make the world a better place in everything we do. Our product superpowers are being able to detect and modify driving behaviors through smartphones. Like Superman or Wonder Woman, we use our powers for good and help people drive better, for their safety and the safety of others. We also use these powers to inject more joy into people’s daily lives by making auto insurance better for everyone.

But doing good while doing well isn’t just about creating a profitable, tangible solution to a societal problem. It’s more than writing a check to a philanthropic cause. People underestimate the societal impact of the intangible – our passion spills into other areas of our lives.

So, we give back to our community. Every quarter, we do volunteer work for a local organization – to make an impact, but to also keep ourselves grounded. These events provide our team with the opportunity to directly engage with people who are passionate about making a difference – working to improve the communities we work and live in. Not only is giving back important to the community, it’s also important to our team and company as a whole. By getting out into the community, collaborating with organizations, and seeing other lifestyles up close, we’re able to better understand those around us.

Just last month, we worked with Room to Grow, a local Boston charity dedicated to enriching the lives of babies born into poverty through their first three years of life. Parents can visit Room to Grow every three months to pick up new clothing, bedding, books, toys, and more. They get 10 books with every visit, so by the time kids graduate from the program they have a library of over 100 books. But it’s more than about what they provide – it’s also about how they provide it. Room to Grow has created an experience that makes it feel like the parents are shopping for their children. They get bags and can browse through the items just like they would at Target or Macy’s. They’ve provided some normalcy that may not have been there otherwise and they’re making a big impact in the process. We’re happy we could get involved.

So, we’ll continue to embrace the mindset of Bruce Wayne and inspire change on and off of the roads. Remember, you don’t need to be a superhero to make an impact.

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