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Travelers and TrueMotion team up to reveal distracted driving perception vs. reality

We recently partnered with Travelers to understand the driver distraction gap. The gap is the idea that we perceive to be less distracted drivers than we really are. Our goal with the research was to understand how large the gap is, and if it exists at all.

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To measure the distraction gap, we combined data from Travelers’ 2018 Risk Index, which is a survey that includes the reported distracted driving behaviors and perceptions of over 1,000 people, with a distracted driving analysis we performed across 6,000+ drivers and 149 million trips over the past three months.

The 2018 Risk Index found that only 25% of people say they text and drive. Our data shows that 40% of drivers are distracted 15 minutes of every hour. This is a significant gap between perceived distracted driving and reality.

These findings emphasize that we all need to be more aware of our driving habits. Apps like TrueMotion Family and Mojo can help. So can smartphone-powered distracted driving programs from insurance carriers. Policy initiatives like Travelers’ Every Second Matters and their Risk Index help increase awareness and reveal the trends behind drivers’ perception of distracted driving.

Check out more of the research here.

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