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Stretching the limit: TrueMotion’s daily stretch ritual

How often do you stretch at your office? At TrueMotion, we stretch every day. A good stretch gets the blood flowing and keeps the team energized throughout the day. We’ve been doing it every day for the past 5+ years.

The daily stretch is a ritual that stems from our early days. Back in 2012, Rafi Finegold, our VP of Product & Experience and third employee, noticed the increasing popularity of standing desks. To get the team up and moving, he suggested an hourly stretch. With everyone on board and super excited, the team stretched on the hour, every hour – only to quickly realize that no one actually wanted to stretch every hour, on the hour.

So we did what startups do: iterate. Instead of stretching hourly, we’d do it after our daily standup. The daily stretch schedule stuck, and we’ve been following it ever since.

Today, our team in Boston is over 50 people, and we have offices in London, Milan, and Budapest. Our stretch circle has grown as the company has grown and everyone gets into the action – some of the remote folks, too! We even invite our guests in the office to participate. Many times, they do – in sports jackets and slacks, no less!

The daily stretch has become a cornerstone of our culture. It encourages us to be active throughout the workday. But it’s also the source of many smiles and laughs, and serves as a bonding experience for the team. No one has an ego about it and no one is too important to participate. After all, we’re reshaping the $200 billion auto insurance industry together. Why not add downward dog to the mix, too?

Interested in joining the fun and stretching your limits? We’re hiring. Check out the open positions here.

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