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Paws Up for National Pet Day

There are certain things at work that are so delightfully unexpected that it can change the outlook of an entire day. Here at TrueMotion, we have a smattering of Slack channels that inject moments of delight throughout the day, like our #coffeerun and #lunch channels. But the one channel that stands above the rest is the one dedicated to our pets: #pets_of_truemotion.

The #pets_of_truemotion channel isn’t just any channel. It’s an outlet for us to share photos and anecdotes about our furry friends and a window into our lives outside of work. We love it so much that when we asked the team if they wanted their pets featured online, we had to cut off submissions!

So today, on National Pets Day, we’ll regale you with some photos from our favorite channel. You’re welcome.

Want even more? Check out our Facebook album of our furballs.


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