Inside the Engine: Rafi Finegold, VP of UX

June 14, 2019


TrueMotion’s user experience team builds products that insurers and drivers love. It creates products that help people drive safer and get drivers the help they need faster. What’s it like working on this superstar team?

To find out, we sat down with Rafi Finegold, our VP of UX.


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What does your team do?

The UX team designs products with our insurance partners and our end-users, drivers, in mind. We’re responsible for designing products and innovative safe-driving programs that people want to use. There’s a lot of design-thinking and research involved. We make sure we understand who we’re building and designing for and the market. We’re constantly thinking about what our products offer people and how we can iterate to unlock value.

What technologies does your team use?

The UX team conducts a lot of user interviews and user testing sessions. We use to source interview subjects. We use FaceTime and Zoom with screen mirroring to record all of our user testing. We use SurveyMonkey Audience and Segment data collection. Our product designers use Zeplin and Sketch.

What does the UX process look like at TrueMotion?

We want to understand the needs of our insurance partners and their drivers, so we can design products that will help them solve their problems. It’s an iterative process.

We’ll prototype or run design sprints to hone our thinking and generate ideas. We’ll do user testing and get feedback from our partners. Then, we’ll refine our design and bring it to higher fidelity. When we’re ready, we’ll hand off our design to the development team and coordinate with them through product launch. Our team monitors analytics and collects user input to make our products even better.

What teams do you work with?

UX touches almost every team. We work closely with sales, product, and engineering teams. We work very closely with all product areas at TrueMotion — UBI, crash and claims, and platform and solutions.

What’s the most exciting project you’ve done at TrueMotion?

Our CrashAssist product is really cool! A lot of energy has gone into developing the crash detection algorithm that can reliably and quickly detect car crashes using just your phone. Now, we’re productizing it and using it to save thousands of lives on the road.

It’s also an interesting UX design challenge. We’re designing a product for people to use at an extremely traumatic time. It’s hard to simulate in a test environment, but it’s crucial that we get the design right and keep it as simple as possible.

What’s the culture of the UX team?

Our team is high-energy, upbeat, and happy. We have can-do attitudes and we’re humble, candid, and collaborative. We’re both left-brained and right-brained. We’re analytical, but we design with human emotion in mind.

What makes you excited to come to work every day?

The people are great! We have a very positive and hardworking culture at TrueMotion. We’re solving meaningful problems. We’re helping people be safer drivers and helping them when they’re in crashes. It’s fascinating to build real products and see people use them in the market. I love learning about human behavior, people, and the world around me. TrueMotion allows me to do that every day.

What’s the interview process like for UX candidates?

First, you’ll go through a couple of phone screens with our People Ops team. We’ll ask you to share your portfolio with us so we can check out your work. If we like what we see and hear, we’ll invite you to our office. We’ll share what we’re working on with you and give you a short project to work on for part of the day. This gives us an opportunity to work with you the way we’d work outside of an interview setting. We really want to get to know you and your interests to see if you’ll be a good team fit.


30 seconds in the fast lane…

What’s the best office perk?

Our office view is amazing!

Time-travel or ability to fly?

Flight with a jetpack would be cool.

What’s your favorite car?

Audi R8!

What’s #1 on your bucket list?

I’d like to visit a coffee plantation and harvest coffee there — bean to cup style.


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