Inside the Engine: Nicole Keegan, Director of Human Resources

June 5, 2019


TrueMotion’s people operations team sources top talent to join our company and gives them the tools they need to grow and succeed. The team is responsible for everything from hiring, managing employee records, and employee training, to people-focused initiatives like our diversity and inclusion program, planning quarterly team building events, and much more. What’s it like working on this team of MVPs?

To find out, we sat down with Nicole Keegan, our Director of Human Resources. 


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What makes TrueMotion a special place to work?

It’s different for every department. Our technical teams have a direct impact on the products our customers use in their day-to-day. Other departments focus on our social mission to make roads safer, which is really rewarding. That’s something you don’t get to do everywhere.

What’s the most exciting project you’ve done at TrueMotion?

I loved kicking off our diversity and inclusion program. We launched our first employee resource group called Women in Motion, which is so exciting! Building a framework to strategically create a culture of allyship among a diverse group of employees is challenging. I can’t wait to see our programs grow.

What’s the culture like?

This is something I’ve heard a lot of people say, including candidates during interviews. Everyone at TrueMotion is busy working on challenging projects, but it’s still a very laid-back environment.  The entire team is very collaborative and makes hard work look easy. It’s hard to believe that we’re in a hypergrowth phase right now because everyone makes time for each other. You can feel this the minute you step into our office.

Is there time for team bonding?

Of course! We do fun events that get us out of our office every quarter and we make an effort to help our community with quarterly volunteer outings. Individual teams do team bonding, too. We sent the QA team to Boda Borg and the Sales, Marketing, and Customer Success teams to bartending lessons. We equip our office with ways to make sure employees take breaks and hang out together, too. We have board games and video games, and our open plan office encourages us to work together.

What do you like most about working at TrueMotion?

When it comes to talent, there’s never a final project or product. I focus on how my team can iterate on the foundation we’ve built and make TrueMotion an even better place to work every day. My team and I are always in an innovative and creative mindset — it’s awesome!  

What’s the interview process like at TrueMotion?

We do phone screens and face-to-face interviews. The biggest thing we screen for is humility. This has trickled down from our co-founders. The interview process is all about finding the right talent and also finding the right people. People who will work well on the team and people who want to stay and grow with TrueMotion. We never hire just to fill seats. We take our time to find people who will be here for the long haul and can make an impact.


30 seconds in the fast lane…

What’s the best TrueMotion perk?

The flexible time and parental leave. It’s hard to beat!

You have to get to work. Do you take flying taxis or the hyperloop?

The hyperloop sounds too crazy for me! I’d take a flying taxi.  

You can take one innovator to dinner. Who do you bring?

Susan Wojcicki because she has five kids and is a CEO. She can teach me how to do it all.

Would you want to see the future or go back in time?

I’d go back in time. The future might freak me out!  


Our people operation’s team is hiring. Check out open our positions here.

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