Inside the Engine: Emma Radford, Senior Product Manager – Growth

June 26, 2019


TrueMotion’s Growth team builds usage-based insurance products for top insurers. They work with our customers to design innovative programs that help our customers make drivers safer by rewarding good habits. They think about how to help our customers find the best drivers and keep them by boosting engagement. So, what’s it like working on this awesome product team?

To find out, we met with Emma Radford, Senior Product Manager on the Growth team.

What technologies does your team use?

We use Jira, Confluence, Sketch, Slack, and Google Suite — everyone’s best friend for collaboration. We also use SurveyMonkey and for market and user research.

What’s the development process like when building out new products at TrueMotion?

What’s really interesting is that our customers are insurance partners but our end-users are their drivers. When developing products, a lot of work goes into finding the proper balance between what’s best for drivers and how we’re fulfilling our insurance carriers’ goals. We do a lot of design-thinking and ideation. This includes conducting user interviews and quantitative and qualitative research to fuel our program designs. We also work with the development teams to build out realistic roadmaps.

What teams do you work closely with at TrueMotion?

There’s a dedicated engineering team that works with our Growth team. We also work very closely with the data science and analytics teams, and our UX design team.

What’s the most exciting project you’ve done at TrueMotion?

We’re working with UPenn and Progressive on the largest distracted driving study ever — it’s super exciting! This study’s exploring different incentives to help reduce distraction while driving. What’s really cool is that we’re working closely with academic researchers and with Progressive, so this is a well-designed experiment that we’re seeing play out with real drivers.

What’s the culture of your team?

It’s very collaborative. We have different industry backgrounds so there’s a lot of healthy discussion. We’re always learning from each other. It’s also fun because we’re always working on new challenges to help our insurance partners build innovative programs.

What makes you excited to come to work every day?

The opportunity to build innovative products and make a difference. It’s great to work somewhere that’s growing that also has space for me to grow my career. TrueMotion’s co-founders have built a really good cultural foundation. It’s professional and a kind place to work.

What’s the interview process like for Growth candidates?

Sure! Qualified candidates go through three to four interview rounds with our team. This includes one-on-one interviews and peer panel interviews. We’ll also give you a project to work on at our office and you’ll finish off the day with a group presentation.

30 seconds in the fast lane…

What’s your favorite TrueMotion tradition?

The daily stretch!

You’re going for a test drive. What car do you take for a spin?

I’m going to have to go with a monster truck. We don’t have those in the U.K.

You have to get to work. Do you take the Hyperloop or a flying taxi?

The Hyperloop, if we can get it right.

Demos or donuts?

Donuts… obviously. I like demos too though.

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