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[INFOGRAPHIC] Teen drivers are more distracted than their parents

If someone asked you who you think is more distracted – a teen or their parent – you’d likely say the teen. And you’d be right. We dug into the data and compared the distracted driving behaviors of teens and parents from June 1 through mid August spanning 6.7 million miles. We found that teens are over 50% more distracted than their parents.

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What’s more concerning is that the higher the distraction gets, the bigger the gap becomes. 5 in 100 parents are distracted 15 minutes per hour behind the wheel. Teens are 3X this count – 15 in 100. 2.5 teens in 100 are distracted 30 minutes of every hour they drive.

We created the infographic below to highlight our findings. Check it out. Let us know what you think on chat.

Infographic teens are more distracted than parents

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