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If it’s Thursday, it must be thirsty Thursday

Nearly every office has a happy hour. And, like many offices, ours started off on Fridays. But we discovered that not everyone wants to stay and hang out at the office Friday evenings – they preferred to get back home to their friends and families. Who knew!?

And what’s the next best day of the week after Friday? Thursday, of course! And so, Thirsty Thursdays, what we call our happy hour every Thursday afternoon, were born.

Every Thursday afternoon is almost like someone’s birthday. Boxes start to arrive with the goodies for the event. People walking through the kitchen gather around to see what special treats have arrived. If you’re anywhere near the area, you notice the buzz in the air.

Although you can find plenty of the standards, our weekly sampling can get quite sophisticated. We recently had a conversation about the pronunciation of gose because that was one of the beers we were drinking. We also have our share of craft IPAs, seasonal selections, spiked seltzers, and even 12-year whiskey!

And it’s much more than booze. The Thursday before Saint Patty’s, we were treated to an Irish potato chip tasting. You haven’t lived until you’ve had Guinness-infused potato chips. We’ve had cupcakes from Sweet, a local bakery, a P.F. Chang’s spread, and one time we even double-dog dared each other to eat the ghost pepper queso (which ended surprisingly well).

Thirsty Thursdays typically start around 4:30 and go until… hey, who knows! So, if you’re in the area, come by and say hello. We’ll save you a beer.

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