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Data Science: It’s What’s for Lunch

There’s nothing like a plate full of data science with your lunch. Here at TrueMotion we host weekly lunch and learns where our team takes a bite out of data science, machine learning simulations, and local favorites like SweetGreen.

Every week, our data science team chooses a new machine learning topic or previews a new project. One team member presents and then the team walks through the math and data together.

The topics can be the latest deep learning methods or methods that are 30 years old. They’re a great opportunity for all team members to explore machine learning topics.   The only rules are that the topics are relevant today, relate to machine learning, and are useful to the entire team.

“Presenting a talk is something I look forward to because it is an opportunity to dig deep and truly understand the algorithms I’m interested in,” said Sushrut Karnik, Data Scientist. “You know you have a sharp audience that is guaranteed to see through hand-wavy fluff, which makes preparing for one of the talks an excellent exercise in intellectual honesty.”

The data science team has been doing these lunch and learns since the early days of TrueMotion. When the team started growing, we wanted to make sure communication flowed across all data science teams. So, we created data science lunch and learns. 

“I look forward to the data science lunch talks every week,” said Matt Moellman, Data Scientist. “They provide an intellectually safe place for us to share and discuss new ideas that often have practical implications for the business and research problems we are trying to solve.”

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