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BTW w/ Eddie Vaisman: TrueMotion’s Employee #1

Eddie VaismanThree years ago, Eddie Vaisman was working as a data engineer, creating predictive models for satellite surveillance imagery and natural disaster forecasting at a large defense contractor. It was certainly interesting work, but he knew it wasn’t the environment for him. He was very intrigued by the start-up world and had looked around a little bit, but had yet to encounter anything that truly peaked his interest. So he did what any good Millennial would do and decided he would backpack across Southeast Asia.

During his planning process, Eddie received an unexpected email on a Friday afternoon from someone named Brad, working at a company called Censio (TrueMotion’s original name). Two hours later they were at ‘Area Four’ for an interview over a beer. The following Monday a contract was signed: backpacking would have to wait.

Bringing Progressive On Board

As the first hire of the company, to say his journey has been exciting would be a major understatement. He remembers when he received an e-mail from Brad declaring that the company had landed a meeting with Progressive to demo an as-of-yet non-existent product … in 36 days. He was at a conference downtown. When he saw the e-mail he dropped what he was doing, raced back to the office and joined the team to work non-stop until the meeting 36 days later. The work (culminating with a workday ending on Sunday night at 5am) paid off, taking the first step along a long road.

Today, Eddie is leading the charge to determine how to tell whether a car has in a crash based on data collected from smartphones within that vehicle. With that data, he and the team expect to be able to deploy first responders and tow-trucks, and notify family members in the case of a crash.

Can We Borrow Your Car

Eddie is also the father of another key TrueMotion family member: his 2001 Chevy Cavalier LS. The Chevy, dubbed the ‘CensioMobile,’ was the chosen victim for the initial brake testing when TrueMotion was first developing its technology. The CensioMobile is now enjoying its retirement from TrueMotion.

While we would have to confirm with his Chevy, Eddie boasts a high overall driving score according to the TrueMotion Family app. He is nearly perfect on his distracted driving and aggressive driving scores, but suffers a little on his time of driving score. One culprit could be his enjoyment of the Boston nightlife. Two of his favorites are Brick and Mortar and Middlesex Lounge.

On The Road Again

A graduate of Northeastern University, Eddie has in fact been in or around Boston for much of his career. Surprisingly, Eddie claims that has made him immune to road rage. Despite having witnessed everything from a woman putting on makeup to drivers making all sorts of illegal turns, Eddie believes he has simply gotten used to the craziness of Boston driving and he himself does not succumb.

Nonetheless, his favorite driving memory is outside of Boston. Last year he traveled to the Burning Man festival in a seven-person RV, fully equipped with a bedroom, kitchen and living room. Eddie notes that long distance U-Haul driving prepared him for the task of driving the big rig. The trip itself was so much fun that Eddie has a sequel planned for 2017.

Despite being busy with all of the above, Eddie still finds time for his love of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). Eddie has in fact been involved with martial arts since age 16, is a certified Krav Maga instructor (Israeli self-defense), and has competed in Judo. He’s also a big fan of dancing (to latin music as well as EDM), tea, and being in nature.

Five more fun facts;

  1. What is the one food item you cannot resist? Sushi. Spicy tuna sushi.
  2. What is at the top of your bucket list? Backpacking in Southeast Asia (still)
  3. iOS or Android? iOS
  4. Flying cars, teleportation or floo powder? Flying cars. Because they already exist.
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