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BTW: With James Walsh, Solutions Consultant

A Maryland native, James spent a good part of his career with a Massachusetts-based publishing company, Jones and Bartlett, which primarily publishes college textbooks. Notably, however, they also developed the standard textbooks for EMT’s, firefighters, and police.

The value of that work hit home for James a few years after he left the company when his wife had a medical emergency. The first responders who arrived saved his wife’s life. He realized that, in some ways, the work that he was doing helped to train that person and could have contributed to saving her life. That profound connection made James determined to work only with companies whose work makes a difference in the world.

Cue TrueMotion

Late last year, James contacted his former boss, our very own Kevin Farrell, for a reference. As James explains it, Kevin agreed to give him the reference, but only if James agreed to sit down for a chat first. Kevin knew James would be a great addition to the team and as soon as James learned more about company’s work and mission, he wholeheartedly agreed. The reference was no longer necessary.

Today, James is a Solutions Consultant with TrueMotion. He describes his work as a combination of sales engineering, business intelligence, data analytics and customer support. He primarily works with customers who are in trial testing for TrueMotion’s software and applications: he explains how everything works, sets up the test processes, gathers data from trials and presents the results. When asked what his proudest moment at TrueMotion has been thus far, James impressively cited the fact that his team has received 100% client satisfaction with support thus far. His new goal is 150%.

What Does the Data Tell Us

Simultaneously, James is working on another cool project – dissecting driver data. TrueMotion collects copious amounts of valuable data that could lead to groundbreaking insights about driving behavior generally and distracted driving specifically. The company’s data team can look at trends and types of distraction based on information collected from thousands of trips, resulting in novel understanding and new approaches for how to fix harmful driving behaviors.

Work like that is cool on any level, but it has an additional personal connection for James. His daughter is a high school senior and is a bit nervous behind the wheel. The TrueMotion Family app has flipped all that around. It has not only been a fun way for her to get into driving, but it has also increased her confidence as a young driver. The more she has seen her scores improve, the more confident as has become.

Needless to say, with a high school senior in the house, James rarely has spare time at the end of the day. Nonetheless, he still finds time to actively pursue his favorite hobby: visiting covered bridges. In fact, he has been to every one of the more than 200 covered bridges in New England expect one. He has even built a website——that enumerates all of the covered bridges in the U.S., Canada and some overseas. For those intrigued by the idea, James pointed out that fall is a perfect time for bridge visiting.

Recently, James was on his way home from a visit to a covered bridge when he noticed a car in front of him driving erratically. The car was speeding up, slowing down, swerving and everything in between. The road eventually opened up to allow James to pass. Sure enough, the driver was typing away on his phone.

As far as his own driving habits, James describes himself as a lead foot. Those qualities are amusingly reflected in his TrueMotion Family score: his distracted driving score is a 95 (out of a 100), but his speeding score is a 72 (out of a 100).

Everyone Loves a Road Trip

A big fan of road trips, James has had a lot of time to hone his driving skills. He remembers one trip where he put 4000 miles on a rental car in a two-week period. He left Florida, picked his best friend up in Washington, DC, saw the Expos play in Montreal, visited the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, NY, and checked off other destinations including Atlantic City, Boston and Newport. Phew.

The work that James does with TrueMotion is close to his heart both from a mission perspective and from a topic perspective. It is a company with a higher purpose, but one that also instigates many road trip conversations. And James has lots to contribute.

5 more fun facts;

  1. What is the one food item you cannot resist?
    • Pizza
  2. What is at the top of your bucket list?
    • A Trip to Rome
  3. iOS or android?
    • iOS
  4. What is most likely to happen in your lifetime: flying cars, teleportation or floo powder?
    • Flying cars
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