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BTW w/ Brad Cordova: From Data Science to Road Trips


Brad CordovaOur first employee feature is, appropriately, Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder Brad Cordova. Several years ago, Brad was finishing up his PhD at MIT when he made the fateful choice to take a class on entrepreneurism. Coincidentally, Joe Adelmann over at the Harvard Kennedy School made that same decision. Brad and Joe discovered that they had similar interests and similar motivations: both felt a drive to have a positive impact on society through technology. From this chance meeting, TrueMotion was born.

Today, it is that social mission—harnessing data to have a positive impact on the world—that still drives the company and that continues to motivate Brad to do the work that he does. Brad is still intimately involved with all of the innovation that goes on in the company. As a data scientist, he builds algorithms that instruct machines to parse through data, mining for insights. Although Brad loves how technically challenging his work is, his favorite part is being surrounded by humble, high-integrity, passionate people who are motivated by the same things that drove him and Joe to start the company.


Those motivations come attached with a personal story in Brad’s case. Several years ago, Brad was taking a left turn off of a major road on his way to the grocery store when a driver who had been texting behind the wheel ran a red light and t-boned Brad’s car, literally severing the car in half. Brad temporarily lost his sight and is still to this day reminded of the accident by his chronic headaches and periodic fogginess.

Nonetheless, Brad still has many happy memories associated with cars and driving. Growing up in the Southwest, Brad spent a lot of time fixing up old cars with his dad. He remembers a 1970 Mustang Hatchback especially fondly, describing the intimacy of driving a car that one has worked on and the positive time spent by his father’s side.


While he rarely gets behind the wheel these days—urban life doesn’t require it—he spent many happy summers while growing up traipsing around the country in a camper, going everywhere from Louisiana to Colorado to Las Vegas with his grandfather. When he himself was of driving age, he took a motorcycle trip to New Mexico through the winding, mountain roads—a trip that he would highly recommend to other road trip aficionados.

Now a Bostonian, Brad has become very fond of his adopted city in many ways, not least of which are the successes that TrueMotion has experienced during in its tenure there. Understandably, Brad is hard-pressed to come up with his single proudest moment during his time at TrueMotion, but finally concludes that the company’s selection by Progressive has to take the cake. It was the ultimate validation of everyone’s hard work. To be a little dramatic, it was the culmination of a dream.

Yet there is a lot still to achieve and Brad is excited to get down to it. We are eager to see what his proudest moment will be when asked again a couple of years down the line. We are confident there will be far too many from which to choose.


  1. What do you do in your spare time? Salsa dancing.
  2. What is your favorite restaurant/pub/bar in Boston? Brick and Mortar.
  3. What is one food item you cannot resist? My wife’s cooking.
  4. iOS or android? iOS
  5. Flying cars, teleportation or floo powder? Flying cars and teleportation – they are both technically possible already.

Note: This is the first in a series (Behind The Wheel = ‘BTW’) where we will introduce you to the amazing people who work tirelessly at TrueMotion. 

Say hi: You can connect with Brad on LinkedIn – /bradcordova.


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