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2018 – Another amazing year for TrueMotion

2018 was another amazing year for TrueMotion. We’re fortunate to work with some of the top insurers in the business, adding to Progressive, Nationwide, Travelers, MetLife, American Family, Safety, and many others. In addition to working with 8 of the top 20 insurers in the US and top insurers in Europe, we announced that we’re working with Canada’s largest insurer – Intact.

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Intact, The Hanover, Penn Medicine & Progressive

Intact Automerit driving app
Intact’s Automerit app

In many ways, Intact shows what the future of telematics can be in 2019 and beyond. Here are three reasons why:

  • Intact was using hardware for its usage-based insurance programs. It moved entirely to smartphone telematics.
  • Intact integrated TrueMotion’s technology into its core insurance app. As a result, it can offer personalized, data-driven services to its customers.
  • Intact collects driving data continuously versus limiting itself to a 3-6 month monitoring period. As a result, it will be able to use driving data to improve services for its customers.

Intact is truly an innovative partner that’s pushing the boundaries. We’re excited to be powering their telematics solution. In addition to Intact, we announced:

  • Our partnership with The Hanover on their SafeTeen program. The Hanover is taking an innovative approach to teen safety. Families download the SafeTeen app, called SmartPath. Parents can see how their teens are driving. Teens can win Amazon gift cards for safe driving.
  • New research with Penn Medicine and Progressive. We’re investigating strategies to reduce distracted driving with behavior modification.
  • Our partnership with INRIX to deliver contextual driving data. It includes traffic, incident, and weather data, safety alerts, and more.

An analytics portal for everything driving data

TrueView analytics portal

We released our analytics portal, TrueView, in 2018. TrueView gives insurers an easy way to access and work with driving data for program management, pricing, claims, and user experience. For UBI programs, it helps them monitor program KPIs. This includes funnel conversion, retention, and score distribution. Insurance agents can use TrueView to provide customer support for UBI programs.

A huge investment in the team – especially in Europe

TrueMotion Budapest Office

Our team nearly doubled in 2018. We were around 50 when the year started and finished at over 90. We added new talent for mobile, engineering, data science, product, usage-based insurance, claims, customer success, and more. We also made a huge investment in Europe and now have more than 20 employees there.

A beautiful new office

TrueMotion Office Entrance License Plates

We moved into a new beautiful office on Atlantic Avenue in Boston. It features a custom-built art exhibit with a mountain of license plates that represents the hundreds of thousands of people injured and killed every year by distracted driving. We named each conference room after innovators in road safety, like Mary Anderson, who invented the windshield wiper, and Allen Breed, who helped the adoption of airbags.

Groundbreaking distracted driving research

Distracted Driving Research Cyclists

We published groundbreaking research on distracted driving in 2018. We found that cyclists are less distracted than the average driver. We uncovered that handheld bans work and we ranked the United States by distraction. We discovered that summer is the most distracted season. We found that Americans drive 3.3 miles distracted every day. We revealed that teens are more distracted than parents. We fought for the handheld ban here in MA. Our driving data was featured in Bloomberg and The Washington Post.

Keynotes at the biggest conferences

We keynoted the biggest industry events in 2018, from Dig In in Austin, to TU Connected Car in Chicago, ConnecteDriver in Brussels, DIA in Amsterdam, Analytics & AI in New York, Italy Insurance Forum in Milan, and the IOT Connected Observatory in Milan. We hosted three webinars covering the connected car, global telematics programs, and teen safe driving. We also published two eBooks: 10 telematics programs you need to know about and teen safe driving programs. We launched a daily newsletter called Insights in Motion, which shares the latest research and stats from the insurance industry.

Awards & giving back to the community

We were also nominated as a finalist for Fast Co’s World Changing Ideas and were a finalist for BostInno’s TechMadness competition.

We gave back to the community in 2018. The team spent time organizing clothes and toys at Room to Grow, cleaning Boston’s Esplanade, and helping repackage food for The Greater Boston Food Bank.

In short, 2018 was a huge year for TrueMotion. We have even bigger plans for 2019.

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