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Distracted driving Increases risk of crashing.

It is estimated that nearly 40 percent of crashes now are the result of some form of distraction.

  • 12.2 Times Higher
    12.2 Times Higher You're 12.2 times more likely to crash from dialing a phone.
  • 6.1 Times Higher
    6.1 Times Higher You're 6.1 times more likely to crash from texting.
  • 2.2 Times Higher
    2.2 Times Higher You're 2.2 times more likely to crash while talking on phone.

TrueMotion Means Safer Driving

  1. 75% of Drivers 75% of drivers reduced their phone use.
  2. 20% Less Distracted The average person was 20% less distracted by their phone.
  3. 4 Times Safer TrueMotion Family app users are 4 times safer than the typical driver.
  4. 25% Higher Retention Among those drivers who received regular notifications, retention was higher.

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