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TrueMotion Family

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Free Android and iOS App Top rated driving safety app.

TrueMotion Family is the only safe driving app available on both Apple and Android smartphones that is free. No hardware required.

The app is designed to give you a complete picture of your family's driving safety - helping teen drivers and adults drive distraction free.

App Features Built for DRIVERS like you.

  1. We score your drive.
  2. We help you improve.
  3. We make it fun to compete.
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TESTIMONIALS What users have to say.

  • Laura W. 5 star reviewer Makes me a better driver I have a problem with having an heavy foot and I feel like this is a contest between my husband and me and I like to win so it's really making me a better driver!
  • John E. 5 star reviewer This is an app! Pros: Promotes safe driving and good decision making; looks sharp even when it gives you a bad score. Cons: Has not helped with meal portioning.
  • Brandie M. 5 star reviewer Great for the whole family This is a great app that really helps hold us all accountable to be better drivers. It's very accurate as well.

At Truemotion WE BELIEVE IN THE TOOLS WE BUILD We're on a mission to end distracted driving.

United by one purpose: making driving safer.


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