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Put telematics

in your app

Telematics makes life better for your customers and grows your revenue.

For automotive, telecommunications,
financial, security, and fleet providers.

Detect crashes in real-time and get your customers or fleet drivers the help they need—and save lives. Measure driver behavior, improve driver safety, and earn revenue by generating leads.

Road safety services

Drivers want peace of mind on the road. They want to protect themselves and their families. Telematics transforms your app into a car crash detecting device. Your customers get peace of mind and an app that could save lives. You drive app adoption, help customers in a time of need, and increase NPS.

Revenue generation

Auto insurers spend billions every year searching for the safest drivers. You’ve spent years building your app’s user base. Telematics helps monetize your audience and reveals the safest drivers for auto insurers. Auto insurers acquire the safest drivers. You get a new, reliable source of revenue.

Usage-based insurance

Today, the number of connected cars is limited. Smartphone telematics expands your app’s reach to unconnected drivers. Safe drivers can save money on auto insurance. You acquire and keep more customers.

Reduce fleet
risk & losses

Reduce fleet
risk & losses

Risky drivers present enormous risks to your business. Telematics reveals your safest and riskiest drivers. Route customers to the safest drivers and incent risky drivers to improve. Telematics also puts you in control after a car crash. Proactively contact drivers and customers to make things right.

Put the power of telematics in your app