There is truth in motion.

Safer driving, powered by your smartphone

Measuring and improving true driving behavior to make roads safer— and insurance more affordable.

TrueMotion Impact - Mobile Crash Detection is now available

the average time a driver’s eyes
leave the road when texting.

This is about as long as it takes to drive the length
of a football field at 55 mph.

of good drivers subsidize
30% of the risky ones.

Insurance prices are based on things like driving records
and credit scores, rather than how you actually
drive. So risky drivers end up raising rates for everyone.



We’re combining easy-to-use technology and smart data science to make it easier for people to become safer drivers.

  • Measure

    Powerful sensor technology and signal processing accurately captures driver behavior.

  • Score

    Advanced data science and machine learning score drivers on key indicators.

  • Improve

    Insurers reward safe driving habits and improve risky ones.

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TrueMotion is shaping the future of the connected world, and saving lives in the process. Our data scientists and engineers are using advanced sensor technology, big data and analytics to improve driver safety—while redefining how insurance is priced and delivered.