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  • Implement UBI
    Implement UBI Smartphone telematics that helps you identify the best drivers and price more profitably.
  • Reduce Churn
    Reduce Churn Keep profitable customers through smarter pricing and increased customer satisfaction.
  • Reduce Loss Costs
    Reduce Loss Costs Reduce claims frequency and claims process costs.

The leader in smartphone telematics

Harness the power of our smartphone sensor technology and data analytics platform, trusted by leading insurers around the world. #1 in accuracy, data quality, battery performance, distracted driving insights, driver identification, crash detection, and more for iOS and Android.


  • Distracted Driving Data
    Distracted Driving Data Measure and reduce distracted driving. We use data science to objectively capture how the phone is being used (in-hand, lap, mount, cup holder, etc.) and interacted with (phone calls, touching, typing, etc.) during the drive.
  • Crash Detection & Analytics
    Crash Detection & Analytics Using data science to understand if a serious crash has occurred our technology will provide critical data and insights about location, conditions, time of day, speed, braking and other information necessary to enable quick and efficient processing of claims.
  • Driver Behavior Scoring
    Driver Behavior Scoring Combining driver behavior and actuarial science, our score is purpose-built to deliver a driver risk profile, which over time helps to eliminate the frequency and severity of crashes caused by distracted driving.

Testimonials What the experts are saying.

  • photo of Felipe Teixeira Felipe Teixeira National Product Manager, American Family Insurance By partnering with TrueMotion, American Family is offering customers advanced, innovative insurance solutions designed to improve driving habits and reward safe drivers with discounts on their premiums. Providing the tools to promote better, safer driving helps us accomplish our mission of protecting the dreams of our customers.
  • photo of Dave Pratt Dave Pratt Progressive Insurance Our customers today are more tech-savvy and on-the-go than they’ve ever been, and they want information and insights in real-time. After years of careful research, we’ve found a mobile app that will accurately capture driving data to help them make better driving decisions, allow us to reward them when they do, and ultimately make our roads safer. Read why Progressive chose TrueMotion.
  • photo of Scott Griffith Scott Griffith Former CEO of Zipcar We know that accidents, fatalities and claims costs related to distraction are spiking, resulting in across-the-board price increases for consumers, but until now, it’s been impossible for insurance companies to account for distraction in their policies. For the first time, insurers, fleet operators and others can now partner with TrueMotion to measure, score and modify distracted driving behaviors.
  • photo of Roosevelt Moseley Roosevelt Moseley Pinnacle Actuarial Resources, Inc. TrueMotion’s technology gives insurers a unique view into the real risk of distraction based on actual driving. With this information, they can better understand the true loss potential of their customer base, and take steps to influence safer driving.